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  • Sahil Shaikh

Leadership Styles and Choices

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

  • Directing: A team member who has enthusiasm for the job however not much actual ability, will need to be directed. You mostly will have to tell them what to do next after they complete every task.

  • Coaching: After being in the team for a while, certain team members begin to lose confidence and therefore motivation, as they still can't seem to do the work they want to do. At this stage, you will need to coach them along while taking care to encourage them and praise them at every turn.

  • Supporting: Gradually every team member's ability will increase where they can actually do everything required of them, however, they may still lack the confidence to actually do it off their own backs. Seek their opinions on the next stage, and be seen to take notice of their ideas.

  • Delegating: A competent person's confidence will gradually grow until they feel able to work completely on their own. Now you are able to delegate specific areas of work to them. The time that you don't have to spend "leading" these members of the group can be spent with the less experienced group members, or on the work that you need to do.

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