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Work - The L&M Way

What is Open4All ?

A flexible employment model that gives access to skilled professionals for driving both long term and short term projects and sessions.

What does Open4all offer?

Open4all offers "Adapto-Curity" - an enticing opportunity for external talent to engage in high-impact, strategic assignments, enjoying a remarkable level of flexibility. Additionally, participants gain access to exclusive L&M benefits and experiences.

Open4all Work-Structure

Consultants are hired to work on strategic projects ranging from 1 or 2 day workshops to learning journeys spanning between 3 to 6 months, while having the flexibility to shape their own work arrangements, to define their own work timings and even the flexibility to work with multiple clients on multiple projects.


The flexible work arrangement is agreed between the consultant and the hiring manager.



Apart from applying to projects, what other benefits do i get by being a part of the Open4all Talent Network?

Building a thriving community of like minded professionals who are a part of professional economy. As part of the Open4all Talent Network, one will get access to:

  • Gain valuable industry insights to stay updated on the latest trends and developments.


  • Build a robust network and engage in peer learning to enhance your professional growth.


  • Access numerous professional development opportunities that contribute to the growth of your freelance practice.


  • Learn from domain experts, both internal and external to L&M, and gain their valuable perspectives.


  • Benefit from insights shared by successful consultants on how to thrive as an Open4all consultant.


  • Leverage a wide range of resources and toolkits to continuously improve and excel in your craft.

Work - The L&M Way
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