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How Learning gains Credibility

How Learning Gains Credibility: How to create a genuine Learning Experience

A new learning paradigm has been emerging for some time now. It’s not just about learning a new skill or technique, It’s not just about reading books and online articles or watching instructional videos, but something that goes beyond that. In short, creating a genuine learning experience is no longer just an intention but something organizations are actively implementing in their daily work. The whole notion of creating such a learning experience revolves around three concepts – Learner Experience, Gamification, and Learner Analytics. These three concepts have the potential to change how we learn and how we implement new knowledge on the job. Read on to know more about the growing importance of these three...

A) Why is Creating a Genuine Learning Experience Important?

Creating a genuine learning experience is one of the most important aspects of any learning program. A genuine learning experience ensures that a learner is actively engaged in the program, taking away real knowledge, and that they apply that knowledge on the job. It’s only when you create such an experience that you can truly say your program is successful. There are several different ways that you can do this. Before we explore those ways, let’s first discuss why creating such an experience is so important. - Learning goals are not met - When we create an engaging experience, learners stay focused on the program. They stay engaged with the content and learn more, which is necessary to meet learning goals. - Learners are not satisfied - If a learner is engaged and enjoying the process of learning, they are more likely to stay with the program. Satisfied learners indicate a positive experience. - Learners do not meet performance expectations - A genuine engagement process means that learners know what to expect at every stage of the program. They know what the expectations are at each stage and what they need to do to meet those expectations.

B) Why is gamification necessary in creating a genuine learning experience?

Gamification is the practice of adding game-like elements to non-gaming contexts to engage people and encourage certain behaviors. It is a way to increase participation and engagement with a program. But why is it important in creating a genuine learning experience? Gamification, by its very nature, encourages engagement and participation. When learners participate in your program, they learn more, they contribute more, and they enjoy their experience more. When you add gamification to a learning program, you encourage participation and increase engagement. You also create an experience that is fun and enjoyable. Learners who are engaged and actively participating are more likely to take away real knowledge and apply it on the job.

C) Why is learner analytics necessary in creating a genuine learning experience?

Learner analytics is the process of measuring and tracking learner data to gain insight into their engagement, progress, and satisfaction with a program. It helps program managers understand the health of their program and how learners are actually engaging with the program. Why is this important in creating a genuine learning experience? By monitoring various aspects of the learning program, you not only provide valuable insights but also give learners the opportunity to actively engage with the program. It gives them the chance to contribute, to share what they’ve learned, and to see how their progress is (or isn’t) working towards their goals.

D) Why is a good learner experience necessary in creating a genuine learning experience?

A good learner experience refers to the way a learner interacts with the program. A good learner experience allows a learner to easily find their way through the program, identify where they are, how far they’ve progressed, and what they need to do next. It provides them with the tools they need to engage with the program and learn. A good learner experience allows a learner to access the program anywhere they are. It’s accessible across a variety of devices and browsers so that no matter where they are or what device they’re using, they can access the program. A good learner experience also allows a learner to easily navigate the program and find the information they need to know. It provides them with the resources and tools they need to be successful.


Learning is one of the most important aspects of any job. It helps us stay engaged and productive and even helps us advance further in our careers. However, creating a genuine learning experience isn’t easy. To do so, you must follow certain steps and create certain elements. The most important thing to remember when designing a program is that everything must be authentic. You must create a program that meets the needs of the learners and that applies to their daily lives.

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