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Integrated Learning Journeys

Learning Journey

A Learning Journey is a strategic development approach anchored in business strategy but with practical application. Ideally intended for groups, cohorts, or communities of leaders, a Learning Journey takes place over time. It’s based on the principle that true behavior change takes time, and that people learn best together – as long as they can personalize their experience.

It incorporates multiple formal and informal development components into a unique design, which optimizes your training investment and maximizes learning “stickiness” to change behaviors and transform leaders. A Learning Journey is perfectly tailored to your organization’s leadership style, culture, and the specific needs and preferences of the audience’s level of leadership.

When designed right, three critical perspectives converge in the Learning Journey, enabling individual and organizational transformation. These perspectives are business—understanding and solving business challenges and cultural priorities; role—improving leadership in one’s area as well as the overall organization; and self—evolving one’s knowledge, experience, competencies, and beliefs.


A journey often denotes more than simply going from one place to another – it invokes a sense of personally meaningful change; that you will return somehow different from when you left. Leadership development must simulate the essence of taking a journey so that, upon return, leaders and their organizations are transformed. And just like any other journey, a Learning Journey requires planning, discipline and execution to be successful.

Ready to get started? We offer proven, competency-based learning journeys you can implement right away. Or we can work with you to create a completely custom learning journey, just for you. Either way, we’re ready to start walking by your side as your leaders begin their transformation.


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